Ira Glass (RR)

There was a lot to take from the Ira glass reading, and I’m happy to say that the reading was worth it. Not in a informational kind of way, but more of a inspirational type of read. The Ira gave a lot of useful pointers to become a better audio interviewer. The manifestos them selves helped me understand that the only way to truly get better is to, constantly produce work and to hone your skills.

During the first paragraph, he gave an example of a bad audio clip made by himself. upon hearing it I knew that it was a bad audio clip, but not just by he’s judgment of the clip. I heard the poor quality of the production which lead me to the conclusion that his first audio clip was a poorly made- or in poor taste. This lead me to think, what makes a bad audio clip? Ira Glass gave many tip on and tricks to think about when making audio, but he never truly explained what makes bad audio. There are several examples given a blog post by Daren Smith, on what makes good audio. My question was answered. there was several thing that could contribute to bad audio.

  • Mic Placement
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Types of Noise
  • Distortion

Those where just a few of the many factor talked about by Mr. Smith, I recommend looking at a few- especially my fellow media studies student.

For now, like Ira said, you have to make work to get better. So I will be playing around with some audio software that I found to practice for the big audio project.

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